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Grace 101 September 1, 2011

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“It’ll be good to get back into a routine.” “I’m ready to get back in the swing of things.” I’ve been hearing myself and friends saying these kinds of things lately. The carefree days of sun and fun had become chaotic. I was ready for a change and some schedule. Children of all sizes and ages were in and out of the house all day, leaving messes wherever they went, bickering about….oh….everything. We stayed up way too late and got up way too late (except poor Dad). So, it was time.

Yet, looking at the school year in all its hugeness, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it this year. It seems like we go from “nothing” to “everything” all at once. I was thinking “How are we going to get though another year?”

Do you struggle body and soul in handling a “strong-willed” child, a “messy” child, a “fussy” baby, a schedule of meals (3 of them every single day), kids’ schoolwork and practices, potty training, a house to keep in order? There are days when I say, “Calgon, take me away!”

Being a mom takes patience and strength that I, frankly, do not have!

I’ve been thinking about grace lately. Do I really understand it? I sing about it in so many songs, hear it in many prayers and say it over my meals. But, have I asked for it in the nitty gritty details of life? I often think of grace only in terms of salvation (amazing!) but forget that God desires to give grace to help us live the Christian life. Do I only need it for the big things like surgery or death? Does God know that my son never picks up his clothes? Yes, He cares about us enough to help us give a “soft answer” to that son when we would normally be exasperated.

Have you asked Him for grace today or peace or joy? We don’t deserve it, but because of Christ we can have it.

Will you ask for His grace with me as we begin a new season? I am seeing my perspective change as I ask Him in my feeble, halting, stumbling way.

I can’t be mom without His Word and His grace.


5 Responses to “Grace 101”

  1. steph paul Says:

    What a blessing….just what I needed today!

  2. Elyse Shedal Says:

    Thanks Carla! I really needed that reminder to ask for God’s grace in the little areas that I’m sturggling with even today!

  3. mandygrogan Says:

    Thank You for the reminder! I forget too much how much God desires me to do everything in His strength.

  4. Jen Smith Says:

    With the hustle and bustle of school starting for Makayla and it being a BIG change, I do need to remember “I can’t be mom without His Word and His grace.”

    Btw, what’s calgon?? 🙂

  5. Stacey Peev Says:

    Unfortunately, I often forget that God cares about the little details in our lives i.e., the picking up of clothes (or lack thereof), the bath water splashed out to the hallway carpet because there is a mermaid in the bathtub, nail polish being used as a washable marker on the carpet… God’s grace can help us calmly use these moments to glorify HIm. Our children watch how we react to their mischeviousness and I have to admit, I stuggle to respond the same way God responds to our own mischeviousness. I’m so thankful that God gives grace that is greater than all our sins.

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