Moms & Tots

encouraging mothers of young children

About April 28, 2010

Being a mom of a young child (or more than one young children) is exhausting, not just physically, but emotionally as well. That is where Moms & Tots comes in. We are here to encourage and up lift each other socially and spiritually. Moms & Tots provides opportunities for moms to fellowship at activities with and with out their children. It also gives us an opportunity to share and grow spiritually through Bible study and the fellowship that surrounds it.

Are you running out of ideas? This blog is a place for you to come to and get input on spiritual growth and our everyday tasks. Need a new dinner recipe? Need an activity to do with the kids? Having a hard time keeping up with the house work? Need some spiritual encouragement? Need some accountability in your spiritual grow? All of that is available here for you!

Be sure to sign up to get e-mail updates and check back often. We also can’t wait to hear your input and comments! The more we share together the more we will all learn.